Crush Your Health & Fitness Goals & Be Unstoppable!  

1 Month Unlimited (Save 50%)

  • Body changing, small group high intensity personal training workouts to get you TOTAL BODY RESULTS!
  • New workouts every day to ensure you never plateau or get bored.  
  • The most effective technique that combines circuit training, HIIT, Tabata, strength, toning, cardio, core, and yoga.

NOTE: This special is valid only for NEW clients- Limit 1 per customer

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(Unlimited) $199 value

3 & 6 Months Unlimited (Save 30-50%)

  • Accountability which means you will get that gentle push when you need it.  
  • Group Personal Training that combines circuit training, HIIT, Tabata, strength, toning, cardio, core, and yoga.  
  • Wide variety of class times to suit your schedule

NOTE: This special is valid only for NEW or inactive clients 

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(3 months) $597 value

Punch Cards (Save 30%)

  • Punch Cards allow you access to ALL our body changing workouts & ongoing tools.
  • Your all access pass!
  • Perfect for hectic work & travel schedules.

NOTE: This special is valid only for NEW or inactive clients

Program Design (Save 50%) 

  • Train for your body type  
  • Customized to your individual needs and goals.
  • Brief video clips demonstrating proper form 
  • Phone or in-person consult  
  • 3 Workouts

Next Level Nutrition (Save 30%)

  • If you want to feel & perform better, have more energy or simply flatten the belly, nutrition is the answer. It’s an absolute game changer! 
  • Customized meal plan & meal ideas. 
  • 4 week accountabily & habit based coaching program.
  • Break up with yo yo dieting, enjoy the foods you love & maintan a tight body year round!

10-Day Total Mind & Body Detox (Save 30%)

  • RESET Your Metabolism Rid your Body of Stubborn FAT
  • Rid your Body of Built up Toxins & Waste, Balance Hormones
  • Gain Energy & Feel Incredible!
  • Includes: 10-Day Detox meal plan, guide, recipe manual, supplement guide, daily emails.


Seminole, St. Pete & Tampa Programs

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Why TBR?

TBR is a complete program delivering body changing, high intensity workouts through invigorating small group classes, bringing together the contagious culture of an awesome group exercise class with the personal attention and guidance of one-on-one training. 

About Us

Julia: With over 22 years in the fitness industry, Athleta sponsored athlete, TV host, certified fitness trainer, nutrition expert and fitness & figure champion.  

Her life is devoted to others to achieve their goals and to push and motivate them.

Real Change Starts HERE!

Achieving your fitness goals is super awesome BUT staying motivated & seeing optimal results is the real challenge. 

We are a place to break down boundaries you never thought possible and transform mind and body through fitness.

When we work with our clients who want to lose weight but without all the gimmicks, diet plans, and hype, something truly transformational occurs. They start to look and feel like their true self. They have more energy & feel unstoppable!" 

With 22 years under our belts and celebrating TBR's 10th year to date, we see the proof all around us. 

We're very much looking forward to coaching you, helping you lose lbs, tone up and getting you on the path to looking & feeling incredible!

We look forward to helping you crush your goals!


“What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals” –Zig Ziglar