Are you ready to look and feel your best this summer?

How would you like to shed excess body fat, tone up and feel confident & strong?

That would be pretty cool, right?!

Do any (or all) of these sound familiar?

  • Are you dreading summer wardrobe & bathing suits? 
  • Do you want to increase your energy levels? 
  • Do you want to shed extra lbs & inches but don’t know where to start? 
  • Are you overwhelmed with confusing nutrition & exercise information? 
  • Do you feel unmotivated or need someone to hold you accountable?

The Summer Shape Up is your solution to looking and feeling 10x better than you do right now in just 6 weeks!

Imagine in just 6 weeks how great you will look & feel after shedding body fat, losing lbs. & inches and toning your physique without deprivation or extreme dieting!

The Program you need for the RESULTS you want!

Here’s what you can expect from the 6-week Summer Shape Up!

1. UNLIMITED access to TBR's SAFE body toning workouts

  • Burn a TON of calories, lengthen, lean & sculpt your physique, strengthen your core, increase flexibility & feel AMAZING in a fun, SAFE SUPPORTIVE environment. 
  • Safe outdoor Sessions held in St. Petersburg, Seminole & virtual (train live from anywhere!)
  • 9 am, 5:15 pm, 6 pm & Sat. Sessions  


  • No pills, no gimmicks. Just whole, healthy great tasting foods.  
  • Grocery Store Tour. Our Tours are loaded with valuable information! We clear through the confusion, show you how to read nutrition labels, distinguish between chemicals in foods and how to maintain a lean physique through nutrition.
  • You’ll learn exactly which foods to eat that are designed to detoxify your body, eliminate sugar and salt cravings, and rev up your metabolism. 
  • It only takes 21 days to form a habit. The Meal Plan TEACHES you how to eat for long term success!


  • Ensure your plan is resulting in body fat loss
  • InBody composition scan measures your lean body mass (water, bone & muscle) and bodyfat mass levels.
  • Monitors your progress to get leaner & stronger. Keeps you motivated by tracking your success!


  • You’ll get supervision & coaching during each of our group personal training sessions. 
  • We work with you on a deeper level so we can best know what you need to reach your goal.


  • This is the place to connect with other awesome TBR members, learn a ton of valuable info, and stay motivated & on track with your health & fitness!


  • The goal is to teach you how to prep, store, and make healthy, clean options for the week ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen.

Become Happier, Healthier & More Confident.

This transformation challenge will be your road map to the body you've ALWAYS wanted. Hundreds of others have experienced PHENOMENAL RESULTS with our nutrition and workout guidance, and you will too!

In this program I will share with you what it took me 24 years to learn. The SECRETS to shedding lbs. & inches FAST & how to keep a tight, toned body year round. You’re going to develop new easy habits & enjoy delicious foods you love! You’ll learn life changing mindset techniques and finally break free from yo yo dieting or starting & stopping a fitness program.

Are you ready to ROCK

This program will fill up fast!  

It's GO Time! 

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Begins June 13th!

6 Wks. Unlimited Training, Meal Plan & More!

$398 $199


You’ll have the meal plan & guide to use for years to come!

"Diet?? Not quite! This fitness challenge is one of the best things I've ever done in my life!" -Arlynn In just 6 weeks Arlynn lost: -9 1/2 inches -4 inches on the waist alone! 8 lbs  

" Thanks to TBR I opened my closet this year to find all my jeans too big! Time to go shopping."


“In March I attended a pool party wearing blue jeans because I was embarrassed of myself. I would not wear shorts, let alone a bikini. And now just 2 months in, I have reached the goal I set for myself and not only that, but I feel better, my clothes fit better, I see muscle tone now, and I will not be wearing blue jeans to any more pool parties this year! I couldn’t have, wouldn’t have done it without TBR and Julia. I love that you never do the same workout twice and her cute little sayings run through my head to keep me encouraged.”


Hi there, I’m Julia Zammito!

In case we haven’t met yet, I help people reclaim their lives, transform their bodies & discover their true inner strengths so that they can be happier, healthier, more confident and have new found excitement & joy in life.  

I help people get unstuck so that they can move forward and achieve their ultimate desires!  

It truly drives me!  

I’ve been helping men & women improve their lives for 24 years and there’s nothing that gets me more excited than seeing their achievements & results!  

One of the things I love most about our program is it’s non-intimidating & everyone is so welcoming. Anyone can do this!


We look forward to having you part of our Fitness Family! 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns you might have: 727-709-3854 (Call or text)

Already an awesome TBR client?

Contact us to be part of the Summer Shape Up at a special member's rate!


"They changed my life!!!!! So supportive and always available for help and advice." -Kim  

"I want to give a shout out to these 2 absolutely amazing ladies!! Since I started with TBR I have kicked caffeine, sugar & stimulants and went pescatarian. I feel so good about my body!! I have learned so much about how my body reacts to certain foods and chemicals and feel so much better! I know I'm only going to continue to learn more. If you feel your at a plateau or just need the extra push or support come give it a try!! Beautiful friendships amazing workout and TOTAL BODY RESULTS" -Dawn  

"I started working out with Julia in February weighing 200 lb and now I'm down to 158lbs. I don't recognize the girl in the first picture anymore! I'm glad she's gone and I don't want her back! -Sharla  

"This program truly rocks, I have gained newfound knowledge, strength, and have said goodbye a lot of negative thinking....what a great way of life we have here." -Laura B  

“I’m Now 112 lbs. And Am In The Best Shape Of My Life!” -Nadia  

“Thanks for all the encouragement and all the help within the last year in knowing you. If it was not for you I would have never lost 60 pounds!” -Nikos  

“Sticking to a program has always been difficult for me. The tight TBR community of positive people has amazed me and now I look forward to the next workout. I have done every diet known. I thought I knew everything about counting fat, carbs & calorie&. However, the grocery store tour was a complete game changer!” -Robin  

“I look and feel better than I ever have before!” -Angela  

“I tried some at home work out programs but wasn’t seeing the results I wanted. This was one of the best calls I have made for myself and my health. Since being in the program I lost a total of 16 pounds, multiple inches and finally reached my goal weight (pre-pregnancy size).” -Kim  

“I have lost 40 – best that I have ever felt!! I have been attending for almost 2 years now and absolutely love it! 5 days a week and can’t get enough of it! Total body work out in an outside setting with a great support system including clean eating and a fun atmosphere!” -Jen  

“People tell me every day how great I look. I have so much energy I’m annoying. My stomach hasn’t been upset (I always had a nervous stomach), My skin has cleared up, I sleep great, I’m as strong as can be, and can probably fight like a ninja if given the opportunity. I always knew I had it in me, but without the help of Total Body Results I never would have looked this slammin” -Danielle  

“I have been attending TBR for over four years now! LOVE IT! It has changed my life. It’s an amazing program with a fabulous outdoor setting and Julia is the absolute best!” –Sandy  

“I have been with TBR and the wonderful Julia Zammito for over 2 years. I work out with her 4 mornings a week and love every minute of it. There is hard work and sweat, grunts and groans. We do our morning work outs outdoors it is tranquil. At the same time there is a friendship with the others working out and even laughter. I got into better nutrition and eating habits and my body changed drastically and I am a changed person. 80 lbs. down! Thank you Julia and TBR. I know my life would be different without TBR. –Carl  

“TBR really has changed my life. I have lost over 30lbs, and 20 inches and I feel 100% stronger. I used to have back and leg pain every day from a car accident I had 5 years ago, today all of that pain is gone! It has changed me physically but also mentally as well, I am just a happier and healthier person all around and I know for a fact that it is all because of the decision I made 9 months ago when I found TBR and decided to try it out. BEST decision I ever made! Thank you so much Julia!” –Linda  

“I have eliminated much of my neck and back pain, lost inches and I can get into my smaller clothes again. Like most women, I have four sizes in my closet, and I can wear the smaller sizes again. “When I started listening to Julia’s nutrition advice, that’s when I really started losing weight and inches around the middle.” –Michelle  

“Total Body Results has changed my life forever. I’ve lost 35 pounds and an overall total of 36 inches from my body. I went from a size 16 to a size 10 in 5 months because of the great training, nutritional teachings, and awesome support from fellow boot campers.” – Kristy  

“I have struggled all my life with weight. Since my 1st daughter was born those extra pounds just never came off. My energy level was low and I honestly felt fat. I reached out to Julia. Her energy excited me to begin a new journey in fitness and healthy eating. I attend TBR 3 mornings a week and I honestly could not do it without this “team”. We all motivate each other. I have learned better eating habits for me and my family in these short four months. I’m more active with my kids, toned and strong. I have lost almost 5 inches off my waist! Also, text Julia a picture of your favorite dessert every time you want to eat it. She will motivate you to put the fork down, in a very positive and educational way.” –Shelly  

“TBR has been outstanding, the experience is much more than I expected, Thank you for your support!! Your program is what I’ve been looking for after everything else (like the gym and the trainers there)!! I lost 25 lbs. and feel great.” –Mike  

“When I began to train with Julia, my life changed. I had way more energy at work, slept better, felt better and had a much happier outlook on my life. She was able to put a routine together that was achievable and could be worked into my crazy schedule. I have transformed my body loosing 100lbs! I have never felt better about myself and my life!” -Julie  

“I knew I needed that accountability to truly succeed. I found the perfect combination of affordability, motivation and results in Julia and TBR. I love the variety of the workouts. Julia and her trainers keep me motivated and accountable. They really care about you and care about making your life healthier and rewarding. Her nutrition advice has been invaluable to me. I’ve lost 10 lbs, toned up my entire body and my clothes fit much better! I’m well on my way to feeling even stronger and looking the best I’ve ever looked in a bikini!” –Lauren  

“I have lost over 20 lbs of fat! I learned how to eat healthy and now look and feel better than ever before! Julia’s workouts are amazing and she always switches it up so it’s never boring. We worked on my “Problem Areas” and the results are incredible!” –Vanessa  

“I tried to workout on my own but was constantly BORED and was never able to “push myself” or “stick with it”. After my first week of TBR, I knew this was “something different”. The time absolutely flies by and EVERYTHING gets worked on…it’s such an awesome, fast paced, well balanced mix. Julia and her crew are absolutely incredible.” -Lynn  

“Not only is TBR healthy for the body (cardio & weight&training), but good for the mind. I’ve made friends, and we all inspire each other to work harder. I have never stuck to a program this long. It’s about learning a healthy way of life, and I’m so glad to be part of this awesome group! Thank you for helping us succeed, and making it A BLAST on the way to success!!!!” –Stephanie  

Hold your spot NOW as space is limited & this program will sell out!